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What We Do

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Descriptive Analysis

Conduct your analysis faster and easier with the RedJade Descriptive Analysis tool.

From a quick summary to a highly detailed report. You can choose to display only significant attributes, or to focus on specific products. View your data from every angle, with the ability change parameters, then re-run your data in seconds.

Panel Performance metrics alert you when a subject is scoring differently from the rest of the panel. If necessary, with one click you can remove that data from your set.

  • Generate spider plates easily with filters and templates
  • Filters subjects, products, or attributes from the dataset with a single-click
  • Panel performance metrics are always in place

Data Collection

Collecting data has never been so easy. The survey authoring tool is easy to use and designed specifically for the sensory industry.

We give you full control of the block design. You'll be able to create designs that group products, include fixed positions, or span days with no problems.

During the collection process, our serving console eliminates human error. We help your test site stay organized and guarantee your data is correct.

  • Build robust sensory surveys
  • Error proof collection management
  • View & analyze collected data in real-time
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Who We Are

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Tragon is a team of scientists, technologists, marketing specialists who have pioneered many of the sensory methodologies considered industry standard today.

With 40 years of practical experience in the science of sensory evaluation we rely upon the same RedJade suite of applications now available to you.

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