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Data Analysis

Whether you have hedonic or quantitative research, our suite of analysis applications is easy, intuitive and versatile to use. You will understand your products, the characteristics of your products, and the people you rely upon for evaluating those products in a way that is unrivaled.

Panel Performance

RedJade’s panel performance analysis is more comprehensive than anything available today. RedJade analyzes all panel performance metrics both individually and collaboratively, including subject standard deviation, crossover, range, discrimination, mean score/scale usage, and provides panel improvement direction. RedJade provides a Panel Health Assessment Score™ for the panel as a whole as well as each individual subject, allowing you to easily understand where guidance is needed.

Descriptive Analysis

RedJade is the most comprehensive solution for analyzing your descriptive analysis. Whether you use Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA)®, Spectrum or a Profile methodology, RedJade is for you.

Quantitative Data analyses available include:

Product, Attribute, & Subject Scores

  • Means, Standard Deviations, Ranges, Correlations
  • Highlighting of questionable data

Analysis of Variance

  • Significant Attribute Identification
  • Duncan’s New Multiple Range Test

Principal Component Analysis

Participant Performance

  • Panel Performance
  • Subject Performance

Data Collection

RedJade Direct Data Entry (DDE) allows you complete flexibility as well as total confidence in the integrity of your data. Need to change a question during a study? No problem. Need to skip a product for one person or an entire group? No problem. More importantly, no interruptions and no mistakes, giving you air-tight confidence in your project’s results.

Questionnaire design

With RedJade DDE, there is no opportunity for human error. None. You are guaranteed that the right consumer gets the right product with the right survey at the right time.

You can be confident of the absolute integrity of your data set. RedJade Direct Data Entry is the only application on the market that can give you that guarantee.

Design Serving Blocks

Don’t be satisfied with a library of prepackaged designs. Demand more. RedJade allows you to instantly create a complete block design in mere seconds. Our proprietary algorithm will create a full, perfectly balanced block design using William’s Squares that balance both fixed and relative positions of your products. RedJade won’t repeat a serving order until all valid combinations have been used. Need to group like products together? No problem. Want to specify if it is in a fixed position or not? Easy. How about multiple serving orders over multiple days? RedJade. Who else can claim that? Nobody.

Powered by Tragon

Tragon Corporation, the industry leader in the science of sensory evaluation and with 40 years of practical experience, designed, developed, and relies upon the same RedJade suite of applications now available to you.

Tragon is a team of scientists, technologists, marketing specialists, and software developers who have pioneered many of the sensory methodologies considered industry standard today.

RedJade is already in use in over a dozen countries on five continents.

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